Which Cell Phone Providers...


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Which cell phone providers have the best internet service. Including pricing and reliability?

Also what location does your opinion apply to.
I suspect that is going to vary widely by region? Where are you?

In Albuquerque Verizon seems to be the prime for wireless internet - they have pretty good coverage around the state, which is a feat in NM.

Of course I brought my Verizon card here to Ashland, OR and lots of signal, but it won't connect. No service here :)

Good luck!
Im actually on the east coast but the question was in general so i guess along with everyones comments please add the location which the service is best.
I remember an X-Files episode where Mulder is way out in the desert, miles from anything, and he falls into a metal train car that is buried under the sand. He is able to call out on his cell phone and the signal is crystal clear. I use this standard as my baseline when evaluating any cell phone service.
lol, I remember that episode, I guess that explains why I don't like any of the carriers :)
I have used Cingular for 4 years now, and have had good luck. I have the nation wide plan, no roaming anywhere in the US ect. I purchased a new phone (Motorolla MPX220 Windows Moble edition) and have no problems logging into Home Seer and controlling it. Currently Cingualr is the Largest US carrier.

Cingular: West Palm Beach, Florida based.
Aprox $50 a month with Rollover minutes and Nationwide coverage

However I have had excellent service in Chicago, Phoenix, Atlantic City, Orlando, Irvine California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas without problem.