Which portable touch screen as remote with Elve?

Deane Johnson

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I'll post this over at the Codecore forum also, but hoped to perhapls catch someone else over here.

I have been running my Elve software for my home theater and light home automation using a Pronto TSU-2000. I think the Pronto may have bought the farm today. All of a sudden the screen only responds once in a while to a button push. It's 10 years old, so it's served it's sentence.

I am wondering which touch screens (tablets) suitable for using as a remote for a home theater Elve users on this forum might have experience with. I'm not even sure at this point what technologies will work with Elve. I'm in the research mode.

I assume an iPad will, but there must be something smaller that will work also.

Any thoughts and comments are appreciated.


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The iPad has an awesome interface.... but if you want smaller, of course there's the iPod Touch or iPhone.

Deane Johnson

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Well, I went with an iPad3 and it's turned out to be a great choice. The resolution and sharpness of the screen is something to behold.

I'm impressed with how well the Elve Mobile software performs with the iPad as a remote. I thought the concept might be a little tempremental, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. Seems rock solid and straightforward which seems to be typical of Elve software.

I had spent considerable time designing touch screens over the past few months in anticipation of moving them eventually to a tablet to use as a remote in my front projection home theater. I thought they might be a bit wobbly to get set up on a tablet, but when the iPad3 connected to the Elve server, I had instant touch screens exactly as I had designed them, and amazingly sharp. Nothing needed fixing.

It sure feels good when something works even better than you had hoped for.