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Fresh2 offers odor removing light bulbs. The secret is that the light bulb is coated with Titanium Dioxide which creates a strong oxidizer when exposed to flourecent light. Hince the reason why the coating is on a flourecent bulb.

Use it in your home gym or in the bathroom. Put it in the kitchen to get rid of smells from the wife buring a pot of water(it happens). You know that heat lamp in your bathroom. Then one that you never use. Well put in this light bulb instead and you could possibly save money from not having to run the bathroom fan. Best of all its quiet.

I have not tried this yet so i am not sure how good they work but the idea is great. They cost $19.99 for 2 of them. I think i wait to see what oters think of them. If you order one let me know!
I read their site a little better and they claim the odor fighting Titanium Dioxide works for 3 years. Thats pretty darn good. I just wish the bulbs were not so ugly.
The look like standard bulbs to me. I don't have any 'normal' bulbs around the house anymore. I just can't see a normal need for this. I mean, I know I smell funky, but its going to take more than a light bulb to cure my stink!
I can see it already, have Homeseer activate a sirine when gasses are detected and turn all lighting on lol.
eletron you should see if they will send you one to review. I'd like to know how good of a job it would do in a recessed light. I am thinking of replacing the heatlamp in my bathroom with one of these but am not paying $20 unless i hear good reviews about it. Then you could write a How-To about how to screw in a light bulb. ;)
Put it in the bathroom and the take a really stinky POOP! If the wife starts yelling then you know it doesnt work... If she can walk into the bathroom within 45 seconds of you flushing then i think its worth buying.
no kidding, I guess I shouldn't have asked that question, now google will index this lol

First of all, you have to question anything that removes odors by releasing an oxidizer... if it's going to release it at levels high enough to really be effective, what effect is it going to have on other stuff (paint, furniture, metal fixtures, etc..) I'd go and check some .gov sites and check the validity of this. It's kind of like those ozone generators like Sharper Image sells... In order for ozone to be an effective odor remover and sanitizer, it has to be concentrated at levels that are also hazardous to people. So what does this mean, either the devices don't work, or they are hazardous to your health.

I have used a small ozone generator in a small, closed-off room before (a storage closet) and it worked, but if the room has any sort of circulation/.air replacement, you have to wonder.

Next, about burning water I have a neat story about this. My brother-in-law was boiling some water in one of those vision (glass) pots. He got a phone call or something while it was on the stove and forgot about it for about 30 minutes. When he remembered it was there, he went in and saw all the water had boiled off. He lifted the pot, and pretty much all of it bu the handle had turned molten and fell to the floor and proceeded to burn a hole THRU the floor. Fortunately none of this molten glass hit him and the insurance covered the damage.. but this goes to show you that people other than Ellie May Clampet can burn water ;)