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Although I don't do all of the fancy scripting like a lot of people on this board, I do have some neat stuff to play with.

I was in the software business for about 20 years and did pretty well. When the dot.com bust came, I decided it was time to do something fun instead so I turned my hobby into a full time (and then some) thing. Now I get to buy all of the toys I want and the wife can't say anything about it. Don't get me wrong, she still does, believe me she does, but, at least I can argue it a little better and she doesn't always know what is for resale and what is for play...

I think that the fact that I enjoy what I do is what has allowed us to continue the growth we are experiencing (about 10% per month). In the next couple of weeks we'll have a new building finished and I'll be able to hire a couple of more people to help out as well and maybe reduce my workload to under 100 hours a week. I'm just greatful now that at least I have enough help to not have to do the packaging and shipping myself (over 1000 items a week currently).

Anyway, I'm getting a little off topic. I have a dedicated rack mount server running my HomeSeer software. I use Switchlinc 2-way switches for everything but am currently considering some Litolier products. I am really interested in their X10 firewall and will probably install one here soon if I sign this distribution agreement with them.

As far as cameras, I have some of the X10 cameras at the house. On the new building, it will have Visiontech IR cameras, 1 Vanguard zoom camera, and a dedicated video webserver. The webserver I'm putting in only does 4 channels so I may also add a quad processor to the mix. I'll also probably add a digital recorder as well - the kind with the hot-swappable drives (see what I mean about toys?).

Anyway, I guess that about sums it up. I'm just happy to be a part of this board - it has the best moderator out there!
Hey Martin:

What do you think about that Vanguard camera? I see a lot of X-10 ads about it, was wondering your take on it.

This board is very privileged to have a member like you. I see how much you like to help other Home Automation enthusiasts!

And oh yea, Electron is one of the cooler/smarter guys out there in this field!!
Welcome to CocoonTech Martin, it's definitely a pleasure to have you on board. I am with BSR, how do you like that vanguard camera? Is the 22x optical zoom any good? I can't find any good reviews on that camera. Some samples would be appreciated too ;)
Thanks guys,

The Vanguard actually has a 44x zoom and a built in pan and tilt. Once I get that building finished, I'll install one that you can play with and see the pictures. I've seen some pretty good pictures from them (full light of course).

If I ever figure out how to get my cable internet to act like a static IP I'll get my web servers working. I just haven't had a chance to figure out that no-ip.com stuff yet.
That would be cool! The vanguard is only a 22x optical tho (and 2x digital). If you have a cable router, and leave it up 24/7, your ip shouldn't change, I run all my sites of my dynamic ip, hasn't changed in years because I keep my firewall online 24/7 (except during extreme power outages).
If I ever figure out how to get my cable internet to act like a static IP I'll get my web servers working

Hey Martin:

I use No-IP for my Homeseer Web Server at home. I could probably help you out with this. Hmmm, maybe another "How-to" article needs to be made. Let me see how much time I can free up this weekend.

I too leave my cable modem and router up 24/7 with dynamic IP. I has only changed 2x in 2-3 years. And that only happened because I had them unplugged for some reason or another.

Boy a how to on that would be great. My cable modem is on all of the time but if the kids get behind the TV, sometimes the bump the wires.....
I use http://www.dyndns.org/ and a small piece of software called DeeEnEs that sits in the system tray and updates your dynamic IP address to Dyndns every 10 minutes. Together its a good combination as you can name your Homeseer server and use it instead of your IP address. I access my system behind my router/firewall from work that way. Of coarse I have it port forwarded on my router to the Homeseer server and most everything else blocked. I have never had any problems and its up 27/7.



This program is for those people who have an account at one of the website that provide dynamically updateable DNS entries for people who don't have a fixed IP address but still would like to have a host name where they can be reached. An example of one of those sites is dyndns.org where you could register myname.dyndns.org if that one was still available and have it point to your current IP address. Of course you want a way to automatically update the IP address when it changes and there are actually a number of programs written for this exact purpose. So why DeeEnEs? Because I just didn't like any of them, that's why.