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I found my way over here from the HomeSeer Forums. I started using HomeSeer in July 2003, but have been addicted to gadgets since the early 90\'s.

I\'ve just started getting my feet wet with scripting. I\'ve only punched out a handful of HomeSeer scripts and have a rather short Ocelot program. My biggest strength, and the way I think I can contribute to this community the most is through graphics design and production. You write the script and I\'ll provide the pretty pictures!

Right now I\'m running HomeSeer and HomeSeer Phone with ADIOcelot, UltraLog, DooMotion, W800RF32, WebCam, UltraMon, Web Wrapper, Touchpad, Roc Outlook Interface and hsgirder plugins. I\'m also using MainLobby, DVDLobby, WeatherLobby, WebLobby and MusicLobby. I\'m running all this on a PIII 800 with 512MB RAM, a Rocketport-8, HS PCI Voice Modem, LinkSys NIC, Radeon 7500, Cheapo sound card and StreamZap PC remote (Yes, my system does crawl at times).

I use a CM11A for X10, an Ocelot and SECU16IR for IR (along with some X10 events via a PSC05 to take some responsibilities from HomeSeer), an SECU16 for input/output, and a W800 for RF. I have a half-a-dozen lamp modules, a couple of appliance modules and a bunch of security modules.

I have a nice Panasonic PT50LC13 HDTV that is hooked to my nasty standard def cable, but also have it hooked to my HomeSeer server via DVI. I have the standard assortment of Home Theater gear, all able to be controlled via HomeSeer, MainLobby (through HomeSeer) or my Home theater Master MX-700 remote control. I also have a IR543 for a few IR to X10 things that I don\'t need to route through HomeSeer or the Ocelot (local control of some lamps, but HS and/or the Ocelot can help when needed).

Since I move every 1-4 years, I have to design my system with portability in mind. I use lots of velcro and double-sided tape. I have plans to adapt the entertainment center I have now to be able to hold standard 19\" rack-mount equipment and slowly migrate all my stuff to rack-mountable, weather it be via replacement, adding \"ears\" or putting them on special shelves, so that I\'ll have a \"portable\" Home automation and entertainment center. This will help save a lot of setup when I move from place-to-place, and probably protect the equipment better than whatever boxes the movers would place it all into (but then again, all my eggs would then be in one basket )

Anyway, I hope I can contribute as much as I gain from this community. So far, as I\'ve been learning, I\'ve done more taking than giving.. but I think I\'m getting to where my advice actually helps some folks rather than confusing the stuff out of \'em!
wow, that's definitely a cool setup you have there! I hope you will enjoy your stay here, and don't hesitate to post any questions and/or suggestions you might have!

I know I'll need your help because I will be getting an SECU16I (backordered for two weeks) for my Ocelot and have seen where you integrated its variables with Homeseer!
I was stationed in Korea for a stent as well and know exactly what you mean about your purchasing abilities (and lack there of). Get your hands on anything you can think of while there, then get the rest when you return to States.
If anyone is interested, I've given my site a big face-lift, including revamping the default HS STYLE.CSS, adding a neat little DHTML menu system and updating my photo gallery (Including pics of last Weeks trip to Thailand).

Just click the link in my sig.