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I am a technology nut. I am employed in technology, I play technology, etc. you get the picture.

I recently built a 4000 sq.ft. house on 5 acres in the country-side of Colorado, which is completely wired and controlled by home automation. Main components are OmniPro-II and many, many HAI parts and pieces for security system. Leviton panels, parts and pieces for TV, Satellite, Network (Wired and Wireless), Phones and Security Cams. Everything is controlled and monitored, or is in the process. I use Shure SCM-410's for collection of Voice recognition, and a series of ELK-870's for whole house audio coming from HomeSeer. HomeSeer is the brains of this house by the way, running numerous scripts and plugins. My latest adventure is building a HTPC for the home theater. The HTPC will provide anything audio and video for an Hitachi 61" TV, Pioneer Dolby sound system, feeding Paradign 5.1 speaker system including a huge SUB that shakes the house. Software for the HTPC is MainLobby Suite, SnapStream PVR, TheaterTek, DVD-XCopy, Windows XPPro, MediaCenter9 from J-River. I intend to use a couple of Tablet-PC's to frontend everything kind of like remotes do for a television.

Anyway enough, I really enjoy forums and exchanging ideas.

Please see my web site at www.hitec-home.com

Welcome to Cocoontech.com Larry! That's one impressive home you have, and I hope I will be in your league someday ;) Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to post any questions or tips you might have!