Who is Squintz?


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Im 21 years old (As of Dec 2003) and i like to get into stuff that cost me more money than i have. For example Home Automation.

I am and Electronic Engineering Technician III. Basically I troubleshoot other peoples problems. I am considered a real tech and not just a board swaper. I actually help design and implement ideas for new equipment.

My educational backround is a AAS in Electronics, Computers, and Telecommunications Technology(ECTT) which i received from TESST College of Technology.

I have 2 kids and a fiance. The first kid belongs to only her and she is 3 the second kid is mine and my fiances and he is only a few weeks old. Personally im not really the kid kind of person but i deal with it. I just dont like people relying on me to teach them the facts of life and all that stuff. I'd rather watch someone else do it.

Only about a month ago i started with HomeSeer and Home Automation. Now i have a small list of devices but a very large imagination which is keeping me satisfied for now.

I have:
Z-wave USB interface(1)
Z-wave Sylvania Remote(1)
Z-wave Wall Switch Dimmers(2)
Z-wave Wall Switch Relays(8)
Z-wave Wall Module Dimer(2)
X-10 Flood Cam(1)
X-10 WideEYE InstansOn Cam(1)
CM11A X-10 Computer Interface(1)

So a total of 17 devices.

I have setup the Apache 1.3.29 Server with MySQL and PHP. I don't know much PHP but i am going to learn as i build my custom site. Also i have setup the DCOM so the Apache and PHP and be used with HomeSeer. The whole server setup came from the how-to section of this forum. Along with my WebCamXP setup.

I've learned more in one week from this site than i have learned in an entire month on all the other sites combined.

Keep up the good work guys and i am a proud supporter of this site. Hope someday i will be able to return the favor