Who is "The ZACK"?


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The crotch dumpling known only to the fellow man as "The ZAcK" was birthed on a cold night in the depths of New York City. Blah blah blah, yappity yap... whatever.

I'm not exactly a cocooning type, but as the saying goes.. "Be Loud, and Be Proud."

My personal plaything:

32" Sony WEGA XBR250
Denon AVR-3803 Pre-amp receiver
(3) Parasound HCA-1000A amp
Parasound EQ-200 equalizer
Energy Veritas 2.2 front
Energy Veritas 2.0 center
Energy RVSS sides
Energy Take 2.2 rear
Energy exl-10.2 subwoofer
Velodyne VA1210 subwoofer
Panasonic RV31K dvd
Sony CE300 cd changer
Tivo (doesn't work)
(4) Monster Power HTS-1000 line conditioners
Monster Power surge suppressor
Many footage of Monster Cable
Totaling ~700 Watts of audio sanctuary

Living Room:

46" Panasonic HDTV
Yamaha RX-V540 receiver
Polk Audio R12 front
Polk Audio RM6700 theatre system for sides, rear, and subwoofer
Scientific Atlanta digital cable box
Sony DVP-665 DVD/CD changer
480 Watts

Coming soon... (3) McIntosh MC202 amps to replace the Parasounds, which will be moved to power the Polk Atrium outdoor speakers.

Knocked it off the rack with my fat ass one day, it powers up, but doesn't post. It probably is a hard drive problem, never got around to taking it apart though.