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Hi all,

Just came across this forum while reading one of Dan's posts over at homeseer. Very nice.

I have been playing around with HTPCs for about 8 months now and still enjoy tweaking my system, but things have become too stable. And that brought me here.

I have been lurking in the Homeseer forums for the past couple of months trying to get a grasp on some of the concepts, but have yet to take the plunge. This will all change in a matter of hours as I have several units being delivered today.

 Qty     Part      Description
3     AM486    2-pin Appliance Module 
1     CM17A    FireCracker Interface 
1     HR12A    PalmPad 
1     IN25A     VK55A Instructions 
4     LM465     Lamp Module 
1     MS16A    Motion Sensor w/variable delay 
1     TM751     Small Wireless Transceiver 
1     VA11A     Xray Vision USB Converter 
1     VK74A     PAN AND TILT KIT 
1     VR31A     VideoReceiver with AC Adapter 
3     WS467    500W Dimming Wall Switch Module
1     XX16A     XCAM2 Camera w/PS (XM13A)

I already have the CM19A, TM751, MS16A, and a lamp module that Ive been playing with since x-mas, but really haven't gotten into how these units can be deloyed and maintained effectively. Right now, the most limiting factor is my imagination (and my scritping skills aren't to good either).

I look forward to getting involved with HA and this forum. (The Homeseer forum can be a little overwhelming for a newb like me).
Hopefully I'll be able to get some other HTPCers over here for a look. And just to extend the invitation both ways, if you're interested in HTPCs please feel free to join in at HTPCnews. That site is relatively new as well, but already full of helpful people.

Talk to ya soon,
Hey Treetop, welcome to CocoonTech! You definitely came to the right place if you were overwhelmed with the technobabble on the HS forums :unsure: We cater to 'newbies' and advanced users, so you get best of both worlds, check out the how-to section someday!

Gotta love getting big packages with many x10 toys in there ;) How do you like myHTPC so far? I look forward to installing v2 which is XML based.
I love myHTPC, but like everyone else, I can't wait to see what Pablo has for us in v2. I have several things to talk about regarding it as a front end, but Ill save those for the appropriate forum.

Regarding HS forums. Its not so much the technospeak that gets me, as much as just the overwhelming amount of information. I remember when I first visited HA sites, everyone talked about devices using the model numbers. I must have spent at least 4 hours C&Ping these numbers into the google toolbar just to get a vague understanding of what people were talking about.

Also, I didn't see any forum rules. Are links to product pages allowed when talking about a specific product, such as a remote control. Not to suggest that people are to buy this product from this distributor, rather to show the product that Im talking about. I try to avoid it, but sometimes theres no work around and I find that linking to the specific device helps clarify my rambling, incoherent thoughts.

that's fine, we are pretty flexible here, as long as you have good intentions, you won't have any problems here :unsure: There was an agreement form when you signed up, but it's the same form you see on the other forums, nothing to worry about.

Btw, I strongly suggest you check out http://www.automatedoutlet.com , great store, carries a lot, and he hangs out here too, so you can ask him (his nick is Automated Outlet) questions about his products/services.
Welcome Treetop,

Yeah, these guys run a great board here. You'll also be surprised on the responsiveness of the people that run the board and the other members. I don't think I've seen a post yet that presented a problem too tough for these guys to tackle - usually very quickly too!

I'm pretty good with the automation hardware. Although I do use the software, I probably don't use 20% of the capabilities that some of these guys on the board use. A lot of the guys also are well versed on other related topics from audio, IR, home theater, networking, etc.

Have fun!

Xray vision in certain circumstances will work but it can certainly be problematic. If all you are doing is one camera, OK, it might be worth trying. The VA11A USB interface is also pretty touchy to install. Sometimes you have to go through the install several times to get it to catch...