Who uses PowerHome?


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Looks like some Cocooners might be using this application, so I would definitely be interested to see how it stacks up against the other players in the field. What do/don't you like about it? Are there any plans for supporting Z-wave? Is there a scripting language?
The Control Center is much better now; it can be made interactive (updated in real time, both in the PH app or via the web).

Scripting: Any language supported by Windows Script Host (for example: VBScript, JScript, etc.).

I'm waiting for an answer from Dave on Z-wave that someone posted in his forum, but, if it makes sense, he'll do it. He does most anything that is asked of him. Great support. He's also looking to support that new X-10 USB controller.

There is a beta out now that I've been using for a bit. Change info here...
I used it when I first set up my HA.
Since I was just 'experimenting' I switched to HomeSeer since it has a shorter learning curve.
I've always considered going back to PowerHome.
Now that I've used HS to 'get my feet wet', I have a better apprecation for the power of PH. And since HomeSeer is getting "bitchy"(and greedy), I think it's time for a change.
Also the creater of PH monitors the webpage and is very quick in answering questions or fixing any problems that users may have.


Paul H
I think if it supports Z-Wave, many people would take a look at it, but from what I hear, the Z-Wave SDK can be rather expensive, but hopefully I am wrong.
electron, since you already bought HS, you could always send from Powerhome a message to HS to turn your Z-wave device on... a mish mosh, but it should work.