Who won?


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Todays the day we all have been waiting so paitently for. "Ooooh oooohh Pick me Pick me" I'd love to have both of those gifts. Whats up for the month of April?
an email with all the information will be sent out soon, the winner will be picked during our weekly Friday chat session.
Live video feed... lol, only you would have to have a live drawing. I love it!!! Moreless, chat session this friday will be blast. Imagine : 100+ people rambling at once... I cant wait!

Great idea Electron, BSR, whoever else came up with this idea... Live Drawing... did I already mention that I love it?

BSR came up with that one, great idea for sure. Feel free to let your buddies know on the other forum, even if they didn't enter the contest, registered members here will be eligible for several special surprises, but I was unable to email every member today, so I am counting on word of mouth.