Whole house audio amp - best physical location ?


I'm planning to install an 8 zone whole house audio amp (brand/model to be selected) integrated with my HAI Omni Pro II which is in the basement. I'm assuming that any input panel for the Omni will allow me to control the whole house audio, so I'd add more of these inputs as needed. I have a stand alone Home Theater system in the family room.

I still need to run all the speaker wiring and any control wires, and of course need to land them at the amp I still need to figure out which sources I'll have, but I know that I'd like to use the HT receiver as a source, and use a computer which is in an office next to the family room.

Is it preferrable to locate the amp near the controller, near the HT system or in a separate location ? Or is it simply where I have the most available space ? I can get speaker wire to any of these locations, although some are more accessible than others.
Most whole-house-audio systems use shelf-sized components to make up the system. HAI's HiFi2 uses something that fits a structured media enclosure. That kinda dictates where most people put things - since most systems are shelf components, the typical installation location is a central location where all the stereo sources come together. Sometimes that's a media enclosure; sometimes it's in/near a theater; sometimes it's a basement; etc. In my neck of the woods, we don't have basements or spare rooms for this kind of stuff, but I have an awesome niche in my family room that's perfect. That's also the room most people have their high-end stereos so it works out well.

Also, typically whole-house-audio systems have the ability to run remote sources off the individual zone controllers or other provisions for remote sources.

So while not a direct answer, the point is to locate it wherever it makes the most sense for you - typically where most of your sources would live anyways.
You have to look at the cabling requirements of the system chosen. You have 1.) Sources and 2.) Speakers, 3.) Control. Of those three things, #1 is the hardest to extend and the part you will change the most. So I would say, based on that, it is better to locate it closer to your source components. But that is just a general guideline.
Thanks for the suggestions Work2Play & Wuench. Both of you are saying that locating that amp near the source usually helps with install and ongoing maintenance, so I'll give that careful consideration.
I have all my speaker cables and control cables (cat-5) run to the same location as my security system. It gives you a bit more flexibility as you can put multiple amps / receivers and balance loads from a single location.
I'm planning to install an 8 zone whole house audio amp (brand/model to be selected)

Just out of curiosity, what are you thinking for your 8 zone whole house amp. I've got a similar set up and have been wondering what would work/interface best with my OmniPro.
I'm likely going to do this with a Russound amp and locate it near my controller in the basement. With my house it won't be too much trouble to get source feeds to the Amp and it will be an easier location for running speaker cables. Russound power is sufficient and more than HAI hifi amp, which is another option. I still need to review the Russound interface on Omnitouch and iPad. If the interface is poor (For my taste) I may look into another system.

The final project has to wait till end of winter, or following fall, so I won't be able to tell you the outcome till then.