Whole house audio PC and input levels


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I use a PC a lot to stream audio throughout my house to a few different zones. I recently added a FTA satellite receiver as another source to listen to a bunch of AC3 encoded DMX audio channels. The problem I'm having is the signal seems so high coming from this satellite source that it's somewhat clipping my in-wall Monoprice speakers. Obviously I can lower the volume on my amplifier I am using but no other sources I use (mainly the PC) have this issue at the same volume level.
The source of the DMX audio stream is a very clean/clear signal which sounds awesome on my main stereo. So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I can use to try to lower the signal before it hits my amp.
Incidentally, when streaming from the PC if I have the PC sound card volume anything over half I do get the similar problem with that source too but I can control it more so than the satellite receiver.
There is no level adjustment on the FTA receiver at all.
I am using just the stereo outputs of the satellite receiver though, and the audio is AC3 but my amplifier does not have an optical or coaxial audio input. Maybe I need to be finding an amplifier with coaxial/optical audio input to better match the satellite receiver output?
I don't feel it's the speakers that are the issue here, I've been quite happy with the Monoprice set so far.
I've ordered a good USB audio interface for the computer which should help with sound quality but that won't help with the issue of streaming from the satellite to the amplifier.