Whos calling to remind me about the contest.


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I think i might need a reminder call... Anyone going to be there that wouldnt mind giving me a ring at 8:45 ;)
Squintz, make sure your windows are open tonight and I will yell really, really loud when its time for the contest to start! ;)

I am just hoping I still have power at 9 PM tonight. charley is a category 4 hurricane and headed my way.

Is the chat working? The java client never finishes launching for me.
Ill be there as long as b & C don't cut off my power as someone else mentioned. Just be sure to log the chat if im not there
The chat never seems to load here. Is there a firewall port that needs to be opened?

Hum ... I had to load Sun's version of java a while back and I wonder if that's what broke it?
Port: 6667

My firewall does not require it to be forwared so i dont think this is your issue. Just get mirc and youll be fine.
yeah, 6667-6670 are standard IRC Ports, if you can't get in let me know I have a telnet BBS and you are more than welcome to IRC from there.
the webserver serving the java was down earlier (friday the 13th in full action sigh), it should work now, others are on without any problems.
Man, you guys figured me out. I tried to kill that box so less people would be on IRC tonight. BAH!