Who's ya host?


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Guys, lots of us here have our own sites.

Right now mine is being hosted from my HS machine, but I want to move all of the not HS stuff off of my machine.

So, who do each of you use to host your sites?

I'm looking for a low cost, low traffic, mid storage (no more than 15GB) host.
Powweb (http://www.powweb.com) is pretty good. They have good support and a great community. 2 gigs of space, and 5 gigs of bandwith a day! It's about $7.77/month with free setup. PM me if you want more info. :p
I have a site & lots of email based at http://www.insiderhosting.com/. It was moved over by my previous host when they sold out, so it is a small, but custom, hosting package/price of $4.95 month. It has been very reliable.

I have a site at hostpc.com when they had a $8/year sale for tiny sites. Don't do much with it, so don't know about reliability.
HostPC as well, and moving soon too, after all the stuff they put us through they decided to kick me off their server.
So it looks like the candidates so far are:


Sounds like HostPC is bad, so I won't consider it.

I'm going to review the ones listed so far. If any of you can get an incentive for a referal, PM me and I'll be sure to get you credit if that's the host I decide to go with.

I think I'll make-up a little table with each of the candidates packages and prices and post it here, for future reference.
I would keep hostpc on the list, at least provisionally. I've been using them for a while now (< 1 year) and have only had one time when I had trouble getting to my site. I don't use my site for much other than hosting some pictures when I need to reference/share them with people and for email, but it's been working fine.

The only time I needed tech support was when I first got the account and they were very responsive.

I know that CocoonTech has been having problems with them and that's why I didn't chime in earlier to recommend them. I'd still be a little wary, I guess.

By the way, I think 15GB of storage is putting you outside the really cheap accounts from any host.
Here's what I've got so far, still haven't made-up my mind.


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OK, I think I'm going to go with PowWeb, since I'll get 18 months for the price of 12 (more if I go for a 2-year contract, but I need to see if they have a gaurantee, in case I end-up not liking them), it's really less expensive than it appears. They also seem to have the most options available... I'm working on a project (for a class) that will likely use 1 or 2 SQL databases, PHP and possibly a little Flash. Furthermore, I want the extra web space to host the files on my "My Downloads Page." I think the 5GB's of bandwidth should be more than enough as well.

So unless someone convinces me otherwise, that'll probably be the way I go. If any current PowWeb users can get a referal award for me signing-up, let me know by 1100 CST.
Probably too late but...

I have been using ImpactHosting for many years. Basic account is $10 a month and includes ASP on a Windows platform. Support is awesome...any problem emails (not many) are handled promptly 24x7x365. I sent them an email at 2am on a Sunday and had a response back before I could even think about giving up and going to bed.

For ASP.NET hosting, I have been using DiscountASP.NET and have had good luck with them.

Don't Laugh, Really.

I just switched to http://www.harelink.biz/

about a month ago, I absolutely love thier webmail.

and they give me 100 percent control over DNS. ( this way I could really muck it up ) :p

I know they are reselling for someone, I just never bothered to find out who.