Why couldn't I find Cocoontech on google?


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Just curiosity more than anything. When I first started looking into home automation I couldn't find any good resources. I eventually found AVSforum and from there found cocoontech but Google failed me. I never ran across cocoontech on google. Any idea why it isn't showing higher on google's results?

I don't know, if I search Home Automation forum, CT is 3rd on the list. I think forum is the key word, home automation may be too generic. I know there is CT stuff all over Google and in fact the older site had a Google search bar that sometimes worked better than the forum search (especially for short words).
Google is definitely not doing a good job on indexing this site, that's for sure. Many home automation sites have the word home or automation in the domain name. That alone will make a huge difference. The old site also had other issues that made it very difficult to optimize it for search engines. It's one of the main reasons I decided to push this upgrade so I can start working on that as well.
Dan, :) I'm not seeing any meta description or keywords on the forum pages (like this one). I've found that putting it on every page of your site helps. Also, if you have the option to build and maintain a Google sitemap, it'll help... and of course, register it in the Google webmaster tools to make sure CT is being crawled properly. You probably know all this stuff anyway... but if you need any tips, PM me.
Problem is that if you have identical keywords on each page, it might do more harm than good. There is no module yet to generate these keywords dynamically for IPB, but it's something I will build myself eventually. Sitemap is hard to do since it's a forum right now, but Google is indexing all pages frequently. Definitely needs a lot of SEO work.
a major factor in google's ranking of a site is the number of other sites that link to it. so, for those of you w/ your own websites, don't forget to link to CT.

Oh, I didn't know that; Electron, I'm slowly redoing all my websites. You want I should chop the below image to put as the link here, or something else? (can't expect me to just use text for the link :wacko: )

meta tag issue is something that is being worked on (see previous post). As for the making the urls friendlier, it tends to create duplicate content, which you can actually get 'punished' for, so not sure yet what to do yet.

Keep the tips coming tho, this stuff can be complex, so I am all ears.
When you guys link to CT (don't ever use CT!!! spell out cocoontech.com!!!).

Something like this...

[url=http://whatever the URL actually is]Check out my home automation and lighting control rewriteup at Cocoontech.com[/url]

When you hotlink images (allowed???) do it like this

[url=http://whatever the URL actually is][img]http://www.cocoontech.com/uploads/monthly_05_2007/post-1403-1178393010_thumb.jpg[/img]Help me fix my buglar alarm window switch problem at Cocoontech.com[/url]

Results in this

Check out my home automation and lighting control rewriteup at Cocoontech.com

When you hotlink images (allowed???) do it like this

Help me fix my buglar alarm window switch problem at Cocoontech.com
I have cocoontech.com links on most of my public sites. Dan, just get something in there (meta tags) and then run the analytics on it later and figure out if you get more hits and higher indexed results vs. nothing at all. They certainly can't penalize you now if you aren't doing anything to get indexed!!!

The other part of Google's optimization is on the users' ends... which I think a lot of people don't know about. It learns your search habits and tends to boost your findings based on your own browser search use history.
Can't you also pickup like CocoonTechAutomation.com and/or CocoonTechHomeAutomation.com for $5-10 a year and just have them point to CocoonTech.com?

Getting people to put CocoonTech.com in YouTube video descriptions can generate a lot of hits and links in Google. I try to mention CocoonTech in my videos a lot, but I didn't even think about putting it in some descriptions until reading this thread... Personally I love videos, and wish more people would shoot a little footage of their systems and the things they automated. I think people with 0 automation experience would love to see REAL systems that they can actually get ideas from, not just million dollar homes with sic crap they could never afford.

Can you tell where hits come from here?

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