Why Do We Need This in a Computer


Is it just me or does it seem this idea is even more ridiculous than PC cooling Fans with LED's on them and "Neon" lights for the inside of your PC case:

Memory With Flashing LED's

Man, people are always thinking of ways to waste power supply wattage from a computer these days.

Maybe I am starting to show my age (i.e. cranky) :D
I couldn't see them for the dust in my system. :D Plus I would have to go up stairs and into the closet to see it.
I don't remember the brand, but there are memory "sticks" with more than just a few LEDs. They have complete bargraphs and numerical readouts. Maybe those are worth going into the closet to see. :D
my boss bought a few of those to upgrade our systems at work, it looks like they were cheaper than some of the other chips the store carried. They look stupid , and they barely fit in the slots because they are so thick.
I think they are made for Gamers, those guys that buy the clear Lexan computer cases.

IF you were into buying clear computer cases, then I guess you would need to have some "sparkles" twinkling inside so you would know that your computer was doing something ;)
that picture reminds me of the days when I walked through Amsterdam ;) I plan on using SOME neon lighting in my structured wiring panel since I have a plexi door for it now, but won't go that far lol.
I recently ordered new cases for the new PCs I built, and they came with a light show built into the front of them... They have a piece of plastic that rises up the front of the case, and at the bottom there is a 3- or 4-LED module that just sequences and changes colors over and over.

If I wanted to look at it for a minute or two it's nice, but other than that, it's actually annoying. I guess it's really a gimmick for the stores to run to draw attention to the systems. Maybe some day I'll hook up a switch to use them under computer control as an indicator, like email's in or vmail message waiting or something... but for now they are all unplugged.