Why I Hate Winter in VA


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I've got a fractured pair of ribs, but that's it. Both a witness and the PD agree that I rolled three times. I really wasn't in a position to count. :) It doesn't show, but the roof is collapsed down to the point that the drivers headrest is now parallel with the top of the seat. I'm counting my blessings, but I'm REALLY going to miss that car.

And yes E, given a choice between shoveling your 200 inches of snow, and my ice, I'll take your snow. :angry:


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The snow turns into ice, so we get both here :/ Glad to hear you are 'ok' tho, considering how bad this could have been.


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I've been there myself. I really enjoy (not) the slow-motion part where the entire ordeal seems to last an eternity.

I'm with you, at least driving in the snow slows you down amd makes you pay attention. Random black-ice at 50 or 60 is another story.



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Glad you are ok jlehnert! And the car is a small price to pay to be sitting here typing to us :)



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Ouch! Glad you got through it with relatively minor injuries.

Hey, this is wintertime in 2007, what were you doing out on the roads anyway? If it can't be done over a high-speed internet connection, does it really *need* to get done? :)


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Just when I think I was getting tired of Florida... I think I'll stay a while. Glad to see you're ok.


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glad to hear that you're ok. Sorry that your truck isn't gonna make it back from the surgeon. It doesn't take much these days to write 'em off...


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does it really *need* to get done?
Unfortunately, I was heading into duty to replace someone who had pulled muscles in her back, slipping on ice the night before. Not good to be heading to be the "rescuer", and end up being the "rescuee". :)

It doesn't take much these days to write 'em off...
1994 w/ 160,000 miles on it, and still running nicely. It's silly getting sentimental about a car, but after that amount of time it was like a old sneaker....it fit J-U-S-T right. :)