Wifi Home media players


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I am looking at wifi connected home media players, that would let me us my computer as a media provider, via wifi, to my stereo and tv. I've done some research, I know what I want, but like many "tech toys", I won't know how it works until I get it. So.... I would like input from those that might know....

Here are my requirements
On screen tv navigation of the system
On screen tv navigation of mp3 files, albums, playlists
On screen tv navigation and view of pictures
802.11b wifi connectivity between unit and HAN (home area network)
128bit WEP encryption
Standard phono stereo connection and phone NTSC video connection
Digital connections a nice to have

Not too picky, am I???? Here are the devices I've found that kind of fit the bill
SMC - SMCWMR-AG - EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver
Linksys WMA11B
DLink DSM320 Can't use, 802.11G only

Any advice on these? Anything newer? Better? Greatly appreciated, in advance.

There are several units out there, including the I/O DATA unit I just recently posted about. I am not sure if it plays music files, but worth a look. As for network connectivity, you could always use a 'bridge', which can turn any wired ethernet device into a wireless device, makes it easier to upgrade the wireless technology without having to buy a new media server.

Thanks electron.... I looked at few other too, the updated pinnacle showcenter seems to be favored by users too.

The catch seems to be how convienient it is to step through your stored audio content, eg, title, artist, play lists, etc. I went through some more CNET user reviews last night, and this seems to be the biggest pitfall that users gripe about, other than wifi service being intermittent. It turns out my stereo is near a place that I could put a 100TX jack at fairly easliy.

I just looked throught the manual for the I-O Data. It does play audio files, but just looking at 1 screen I couldnt tell how good it way. I didnt mention 'net radio either. I appreciate I-O Data showing the screens in there manual. If you get a demo unit or experience with this model, it would be great to hear about.

We also had another thread on the AVeL LinkPlayer 2:


If you check out the link that Smee gives, it will take you to a long discussion about people testing this machine. I'm sure it will tell you more about the audio interface.

As for net radio, I just read that their including Rhapsody in their latest f/w version.

Personally, I love this player as it both supports "pure" hi-def and upconverts lower res to high def.

By the way, Electron, can you ask your man at IO-Data when this is coming out in Europe?
I know they just released the unit in Canada, so I would think Europe is next. I tried getting a demo unit, but they want me to pay for it first, which I don't want to do.