I tried that stuff, and it is amazing! It works even better that my gas mileage booster, and ALMOST as good as my cellphone antenna booster. The only area that it does not measure up is when comparing it to how well my magnetic bracelet works....
Wow! After reading that I looked them up on NASDAQ and bought 100,000 shares... Just think, your 802.11b performs like a "g" with this stuff!
Reminds me of back when I was working at RatShack, and we sent a new hire down to another store to pick up a case of antenna sealer. "The type you put on telescoping antennas so the signal doesn't escape through the breaks between segments".

I especially love the testimonials by people who love the product...

"Esto es muy malo. No trabaja. Me engañan!" -Toraidio Smith, Tijuana

Translation: "I am very angry. It doesn't work. I have been decieved!"

a classic joke indeed.
What amazes me is someone had to take the time to put this page together. Do people really buy stuff like this?

I'm surprised at you. I emailed them for the price on a 55 gallon drum. Figured buying in bulk might save some money, I can supply my own spray bottles. :eek:
No spray bottles for me...I'm rigging up a fully automated nozzle system (like sprinklers) driven by an Ocelot and SECU16 outputs. I have it all zoned so that only the area where the data rate drops too low gets a dusting.
I am zoning my spray, so that I can only use it in the direction of the signal.

Then weather east west north or south, I can spray from WITHIN homeseer.

These are the nozzles:

Would it make sense to run "soaker hoses" on the ceiling above the routes your signal takes? This would ensure even distribution along the entire length - eliminating slow spots.

It may require more spraying, but maybe using this approach would allow you to guide the signals, even turning corners. If you can get data to follow a path around corners and along hallways, then you eliminate the problems going through walls and floors.
All great ideas, but you will need the 55 Gallon drums of concentrate for this.

Guy, could your sprinkler code snippet for the Ocelot be modified for this application?