Will Elk M1G and M1XSP work with PowerLinc Modem 2413S?


Please Help! After reading over 50 pages of forum posts on somewhat relevant topics, I've decided to come to you experts for help.  Unlike the many posts indicating VERY poor life of Insteon devices, I have a modest installation of about 30 devices and 25 of those are about 10 years old and working fine (lucky right?)
Well, I am now trying to replace a failed ToggleLinc 2466S with a new switch of same type.  I'm running Elk M1G with the M1XSP configured with the Insteon firmware and linked to a Powerlinc Controller 2414S.  I am very pleased with performance and life of the total system to now.  I find, however, that my new ToggleLinc won't respond to On/Off commands with either the Elk or my PowerHome2 software. After much research I find that the new switches have a new engine (think it's i2 or i2CS).  Since the PLC is very old (V2 Rev 1.9) I also purchased a new PowerLinc Modem 2413S.  The new PLM and the new Togglelinc (as well as all the other 30 or so devices) work fine through the PowerHome2 software.  Apparently, however, the PLM does not talk to the M1XSP. In fact, after reading the M1XSP manual for the umpteenth time it specifically states a PLC is required. 
Is there a way to use the PLM 2413S with the M1XSP? Are there special jumper settings or Elk Globals required?
In searching the SmartHome web site, I can't even find an offering of a PLC 2414S.  Even if I could find a direct replacement, would a new PLC 2414S control the new ToggleLinc with I2 or I2CS engine?
Am I stuck with going to the ISY994i? Is that the better solution?
Yeah, I know, going to UPB or something else would probably best.
Any help will be appreciated.
The 2414S/U where discontinued long ago.
The 2412S/U power line only communications PLM was the originally the produced PLM replacing the 2414S/U. It is now replaced by the Dual Band  2413S/U. Unless they finally fixed the power supplies in a 2413 PLM. They have a history of lasting just over the two year warranty.
There is a real long thread on the UDI forums on how we rebuilt ours.
The 2414 PLC and 2412/2413 PLM are completely different between them. Communications protocol and features. 2414 has a RTC and memory to run downloaded programs into it. The 2412/2413 has to be connected to a controller that does all the signal control and processing.
Can't say about your exact setup. Hope someone with a similar setup to yours may have more information for you.
So I guess I need to find out from Elk how I can continue to use my M1G with the dedicated M1XSP for my Insteon devices if there's no replacement for the PLC 2414S.
Anybody have any solutions?  Even if I rebuilt my existing PLC 2414S as described in the UDI forums, would it control the new switches with the i2 or i2CS engine?
BTW, my current oldie-but-goodie PLC still works well with all my old devices, but will not control the new ToggleLinc.
The rebuild was for the 2413 PLMs. The 2414 PLC is completely different power supplies.
I doubt any 2414 PLC would do I2CS. The 2414 Developer guide we got when the Developers Group was still active. Has no information in it on the I2CS protocol. That was released years later.
There is an ISY ELK add on firmware you can purchase.
You may want to look at this to see what it can do and what hardware ELK hardware it uses.
+1 for the ISY, with ELK module.   You just need the XEP on the Elk side, PLM would move to the ISY.   It will also help you get around other inadequacies of the Elk like email.   
With the inability of Elk to keep up with modern technology it really should be relegated to what it does best, just a security system, and controlled via the API in some fashion.
Thanks, BLH and wuench, for the very helpful replies!  Its good to have experts to lean on. I think you both verified my thinking about going with ISY.  I strongly agree with you, wuench, regarding Elk as a security platform alone.  Although I kinda like the Rules programming in Elk and have never had problems with the way Elk email works.  I just hope I can learn enough about the ISY to do what I need with it.  I'll never have a huge automation system as many of you folks do, but having several barns, outbuildings, and perimeter gates makes automated systems pretty sweet.  I hope the ISY will handle Insteon I/O links as that is how I remotely open and close my perimeter gates (through Rules in the Elk).
Thanks, BLH for the link to the UDI page. Now I've got more reading/learning/doing to do.  Hope this ol' man can learn another trick or two.