Will Homeseer 2 run on a ELK TS-07?

Sorry, The Elk TS-07 runs Windows CE 5.0 with a small processor and Homeseer needs Windows XP and a full PC processor.
Thanks Spanky,

I asked Homeseer on the off chance at the same time and here is what they came back with.

"HomeSeer doesn't run on the Win CE operating system but if the CE device has a web browser then HomeSeer can be interfaced via the CE browser."

This reinforces your point. It still leaves the door open ajar and I will have to get my head around the implications of just running it from a CE browser. I suspect you do all the configuation work off the TS-07 and then post the results where the TS-07 takes over.


I think what it really means is that Homeseer will be running on a different PC on your home network, but you can control Homeseer from the TS-07's web browser.

In this scenario I would probably use either Electrons myElk or the HS plugin to interface the Elk with Homeseer running on a PC somewhere on the network. That would give you more options on how you control the whole thing from the TS-07