Will Insteon Dimming Work on Low Voltage Lighting?


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I am currently re-modelling my kitchen and was planning to install track lights which run at 12 V DC (comes with a wall mountable transformer). My plan is to install Insteon devices in my whole house in a few months. I am wondering if the dimming feature of Insteon switches would work across a transformer.

I beleive that Smarthome recommends that you use a relay switch on Low-Voltage lighting, as transformers are not made to be dimmed.

Your response led me to the following information on Smarthome's page that I had not read before

The SwitchLinc V2 Relay functions only as an on/off switch. If you need a dimmable switch to control incandescent bulbs, low-voltage halogen (e.g. track), and other low-voltage lights with magnetic or dimmable electronic transformers, use either the SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer, or the high-power SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer 1000W.

So, it seems like V2 Dimmer should work. Relay, unfortunately, will give me only ON/OFF control but no Dimming

Can anyone please confirm. Thanks.
It should work if you have a transformer that can be dimmed with a triac (if the track lighting company sells their own dimer for the lights it should work).

I am using Elko and WAC transformers for LV Halogen lights with good success using SwitchLinc V2s to do the dimming. I have also tried dimming some cheap LV lights from Ikea with no-name transformers and they worked.
I would be careful with the LV Halogens. Some of them are no being powered by small switching power supplies and the use of a dimmer may not be reccomended (and may not work).

I wold check with the manufacturer first.

I am also considering track light system from WAC lighting. It is good to know that you had success. I will check with WAC anyways.

Thanks all for replying. :)
I think Digger is correct - check to make sure that the initial product is designed to be dimmed. That said, I have several types of LV lighting that dim just fine with Insteon.
One that I am considering has the Electronic Transformer.

Is Magnetic a better choice for Insteon ?

The company does sell magnetic transformers.
Thought I'd pipe in that the dimmer switches work great on two different brands of low-voltage in-ceiling cans I'm using. FWIW and YMMV, of course. :)