Will this device screw up PLC signals?

i have some of the older netgear homeplug devices (14mbps powerline) where i don't have any cat-5. they don't interfere at all w/ x10. i would suspect the newer power line stuff wouldn't interfere either.

if anyone's interested, i got the 14mbps stuff @ ubid for $27 - $10 google checkout discount = $17 shipped. i had my wife & some friends sign up for google checkout and order me extras :) i don't know if the discount is still good, as i got these a couple weeks ago. the website is still up, so it should still be good:
google checkout http://www.google.com/buy/m.html
homeplug ethernet bridge: http://www.ubid.com/Netgear_XE102_Powerlin...rsearchall.html