Win32 command line Insteon control available


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Hi All,

Just FYI.

New command line INSTEON control Freeware is located at: - KenM Third Party Software Forum

Scroll down to 'Application # 3'. The program is 'InCmdLine.exe'.

You will need to have SDM3-166 installed. A link for that is on the same page.

This is neat because you can either do a batch file or a win32 run command.

I have authored this and it is free. All I ask is that you all let me know what you think of it and forward any suggestions for improvements. My email address is in the 'readme.txt' file.

You will need an INSTEON PLC for this to work.



Ken Miller
Hi M. Miller,

I know this thread very old, but I just got into Insteon automation and bought a few devices. I searched on Google for a Windows app to control my devices using command line and your software seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. The only thing is that all the links I found on different forums are dead.

Is there any way to get it? I would really appretiate!