WINCE solutions?


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With the Elk coming out with a Touch Screen WINCE panel, who makes the most complete CE Software interface solution that is also compatable with Elk? I am getting tired of the issues I have had with Homeseer in the past and I am looking for a change? It also needs to be customizable.
We've not physically tried it, but there's no particular reason that the .Net Interface Viewer of our CQC product wouldn't run on the Elk panels. I'll try to get them to send us one for a test run so that we can confirm or deny this.
We have found that the .net for CE is somewhat of a subset of XP. We had to be very careful in writing the .net to make sure it runs on CE. Generally, if it runs on CE, it runs on XP.

We will not have any development systems until our first production arrives around April 1.

The Elk Touchscreen is running Windows CE 5.0 and .net 2.0 so all development needs to done with those versons of CE.

You have Ethernet, RS-232, AC97 mic and speaker, Compact Flash card socket for memory expansion ( you probably will need it), and a full version of Windows CE with Ethernet browser to work with.

Power over Ethernet or 12VDC from a rear plug to power the system. Current draw is less than 1 amp when back light is full on. Backlight is controllable.

TFT LCD display, 800 pixels wide X 480 pixels tall, 7 inches diagonal.

The Windows CE supports Remote Display of a PC's video screen for remote control of the PC from the Touchscreen.

Make all user interface buttons big so the user does not have to use a stylus to control things. :)

I am working on more interface information and will distribute it when it is ready.

Edited to say Windows CE 5.0 and .net 2.0
The Elk Touchscreen is running Windows CE 2.0 so all development needs to done with that verson of CE.

I'm not terribly familiar with all the CE/CE.Net numbering, but I think the important issue is what version of CE.Net you are running. It can't be 2.0, since that doesn't even exist AFAIK. So I'm assuming that there is a different numbering system for the CE.Net that you have installed on the device, separate from the underlying WinCE version?

CE.Net 5.0 is the new version which I can't imagine you guys wouldn't have gone for since you'd have known it was coming for some time now. But we'd need that version in order to run our .Net client. We just couldn't justify targeting anything less than that at this point.
OK, in that case it should be fine for running our .Net viewer then. That would be pretty cool actually since CQC and the M1 already are a good combination.
800x480 (typical for that size LCD), as for color depth, I believe it's 16 or 24 bit.
I suppose that it uses the .NET Compact Framework 2.0. This is a subset of the regular .NET Framework designed for PDAs and set top boxes.

The regular framework is too big for these devices. Thats why not all .NET applications work here - they must be programmed for the subset of APIs in the compact version.
That's true. We have versions for both flavors, so that we aren't so limited on those machines that have the oomph to run the full bodied varietal.