Wind Device Wiring Question

First of all I must commend you super fast shipping, Bravo!!!

I just purchased one of your V3 1-wire wind devices. From reading your sensor wiring instructions it states that if I wire the cable according to your design I should remove the jumper from the board. ".....or a cable wired according to our wiring standard, you must remove the jumper from the Wind Instrument connector, or you will short out the circuit."

When I re-wired my lan I wired it according to your diagrams, so the weather station is set up with the four wires. I am not supplying any additional power to the network at this time so the additional wires are not connected to anything at the PC end of the network. I assume that until I supply additional voltage I shouldn'y have to remove the jumper.

Probably a stupid question, but thought I should ask before I risk damaging a new weather station.


If you are not supplying external power then it should be safe to leave the jumper in place. But everything will probably work fine without it since all it does is tie the +5v pin of the temp sensor to ground.