Window Contacts......what am I missing?


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Dear Cocooners,

After finishing up my wiring plan, I began to think about the purpose behind window contacts. Obviously, it notifies you if any windows are opened so that you can be sure they are closed at night. However, apart from that, what purpose do they serve?

With the type of windows that we have, in order to close them all the way they need to be locked. This prevents anyone from opening them from the outside. Now, if a burglar can not get the window open from the outside, how do the contacts help? Would he not just break the glass anyways?

I feel like I am missing something. Basically, I am trying to find ways to cut down on the wiring as the price is far too steep for anyone to install.
Burglar may cut glass, make no noise, glass break sensor does not go off. Glass is cut only enough to reach a hand inside to undo clasp. Window opens, magnetic contact triggers alarm before burglar is inside.

Also, it is nice to know if window or door is opened/closed on the automation system, especially for people with small children! I have a voice announcement everytime a window or door is opened (including garage doors).

I also have a visual "scenes" that will show me if any doors or windows are left open. This is handy when arming the system (immediately know which zone is "violated"). HERE are some examples. ;)
Since I'm well above ground level access where I live, I don't use my window sensors for security purposes, per se. But I do use them to control HVAC events. For example, if a window is opened, AC/heat is automatically turned off to prevent wasting energy.