Window Sensors + Keypad placement

I have attached some pictures of where I was going to mount my Elk keypad.

The old ADT keypad was directly visible from the backdoor window. Is this good or bad? deterent or vunerability?

Attached are two pics ...

1) One looking inside from the backdoor (the white square is where the old ADT panel was)

2) Another looking next to the backdoor - another mounting option would be over the switches next to the door.

Where would you place it?


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I also wanted to get eveyone's opinion on my window strategy.

I was going to use the 3/8" recessed Stubby sensors w/ the shallow mighty magnets.

I dont know much about my windows - not Anderson - the label says "North Brunswick Stock"???

I have the wire thing that runs in the side tracks with the window - so side mounted sensors are out.

So I was going to mount the magnet in the bottom of the bottom sash and the sensor in the bottom of the sill.

This is all being down post-drywall. Old house - done with balloon framing - so should not have to worry about horizontal floor joist when feeding wire to the basement.

Does that sound correct?

Attached are some pics ...


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IncrdblHulk9 said:
The old ADT keypad was directly visible from the backdoor window. Is this good or bad? deterent or vunerability?
I generally try to place the keypads where they cannot be directly seen from a window. I think your deterrence will come from the nice stainless steel ELK siren enclosure with attached strobe, your alarm company signs, and your strong door locks. If the bad guy has gotten close enough to look in your backdoor window the exterior deterrents haven't been strong enough to overcome his drugs. If your keypad can be seen from a window then your disarm code can also be seen. Unless you have the LED's off after 60 seconds setting on the keypad, the bad guy can see if the system is really armed. My .02.
My primary disarm keypad is in the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I have a MANDATORY keypad in the MBR - I really want to be able to see what zone is violated in the event of an alarm without walking around the house to do so. There is a keypad in the downstairs hall and one in the detached shop. If you will only have a single keypad I would suggest putting it in the MBR.