Windows 10 to Windows 11


Here have a few laptops all running dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04.
Main desktop computer also runs a dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04
I rarely use Windows 10 these days and mostly running Ubuntu Linux 20.04 on said computer and laptops.
As I do not use Windows 10 much these days when I do boot in Windows I let them update before using them.
Noticed the computer and laptops running Windows 10 updated to Windows 11 preview which is OK but really didn't like the auto update to Windows 11 preview.  All of these computers are running Insider previews.
On the computer server rack I am running Windows server which works fine for me using RDP from the Linux computers.
The above set moving the dual boot laptops and one computer over to Windows 10 (dual boot) enterprise which doesn't include any of the Windows 10 Pro for home fluff.
I am going to try to do a repair using the Windows 10 enterprise ISO.
May switch to pure Linux (not dual boot) and run Oracle VBs of Windows as Oracle works fine for me.
Just an FYI....using to run Red Hat Fedora Linux in the 1990's
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