Windows 2005 MCE for sale as a standalone OS

That puts it a little cheaper than an OEM copy of XP Pro. Is there a reason to get XP Pro instead of MCE 2005? I haven't been following closely enough to see the differences, but I thought MCE was XP Pro with extras? Has anything been removed?
They disabled support for Windows domains if you do a clean install (upgrading a domain computer will keep that functionality), to avoid companies from buying MCE to save some money. Rumor is that you can still specify a domain during setup when doing a clean install, and there are other work arounds. This will be interesting for sure. MCE 2005 is indeed XP Pro with SP2 and the MCE software.
if you have a MS passport, you can find all that information and much more at:

Basically, they are similar to the MCE2004 requirements, which is a relative fast system, 64meg video memory, a tuner which is compatible (i.e. the Hauppauge PVR series), and plenty of HD space.