Windows MCE 2005 news!

So will this be an operating system a consumer can purchase separately or do you have to buy a media edition PC?

Sorry to say I can't make the chat today (will still be at work).
considering the problems I am having rebuilding my MCE dvr, I am pretty sure MS won't sell it to the public, the support alone would kill them, but I am sure you can get it from MSDN. I applied for the beta, but I doubt I am getting accepted since I don't have HDTV, oh well.
I wish I applied, I have HDTV :p

I can't wait for a dvr to support HDTV, time for a 3.2Ghz w/ HT dvr!!

HD recordings require alot of cpu, something my AMD Athlon XP 2100+ struggles to do ;)
that's why you get a card that does the encoding on board, such as the PVR series , it's the only reason I got one.