Windows Media Center Edition Questions


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We are in the process of making our home the "Techiest One On The Block." :) Currently, Windows Media Center Edition looks like the best option. Basically, I would like to view photos and videos that are stored on my computer, on my TV.
The Media Center Extenders looked like a good option, but their $300 price tag is a little steep.

Would you recommend making a HTPC with MCE (Media Center Edition) that would be stored underneath a cabinet, and hooked up directly to the TV? Or install MCE on my computer downstairs, and get a media center extender?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,
One of my MCE based HTPC's is in the living room, and one of them is in the bedroom. I would only consider using the extenders in remote locations, such as the bedroom (for noise and space reasons). Tere is so much more stuff you can do with the actual MCE machine compared with an extender (HDTV recording/viewing is one of them, using your HTPC as a DVD changer is another option which will not work well with extenders), so I recommend connecting the machine directly to the TV, you can always get an extender later without having to change this setup.