Windows Media Center PC 101


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I want (I think) to build a Windows Media PC. (I think) I would like to attempt to record OTA HiDef shows. I have access to the OS but I need everything else. Now my question is where in the world do I start? I've read the other HTPC threads but I need case suggestions as well as MB and minimum CPU information.
Even if you only want OTA, you still need to get a regular analog tuner as well. So I would suggest the PVR-150MCE edition, and the avertvhd OTA card (they run around $70 or so). I would get at least a 200G SATA HD, larger if possible. As for your case/mobo/cpu question, it all depends on what you are looking for. Is this going to be in the living room? Does it have to be quiet, etc.? Do you have the MPEG-2 decoder software, such as the Nvidia DVD decoder package?