Windows Vista Download


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If anyone is interested in trying out the Vista RC2, which is suposedly going to be the release version, Microsoft has made it Available Here as a free download. You should use a download manager to get it, as it's 2.4 Gigs.
I downloaded it at work Friday (took over 6 hours) but haven't given it a try yet...Have you tried it yourself? Any feedback? Most of what I've read seems fairly positive, but I haven't taken the time to load it up...

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I no longer have a "Development" PC here, as that has been transfered to be my CarPC. I gave all the cases' MB's, CPU and LOTS of other stuff away when I moved, as I just dont'a have the place to keep all that stuff any longer. I am down to a Laptop, MediaCenter PC, Desktop, and my CarPC. I tried to use my Laptop, but Vista refused to install due to the Specs. It is an old Dell Inspiron with an 800Mhz and 64 Megs of Ram. Vista didnt like tha Ram part :(

I just use the laptop to check email and browse when I travel, and it collects dust otherwise, so I really do not need to have a faster laptop really.