Windows Vista "Security"


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We have all heard all of the new security implemented in Vista on file access, deleting files, or installing or uninstalling files. Also all of the confirmations to open files, download files ect ect... Well here is a good example that someone posted a link to on This could get old REALLY fast!

Here is the Link.
I am running the latest build of Vista right now, and these popups are really getting annoying. People will probably end up turning this stuff off (assuming you can, haven't checked yet), or just click ok without even reading the question.
Well after running Vista for one day, I decided to call it quits, the OS is just unusable imo. I had XP running in a virtual machine, so I could still access my XP applications, but even with that, it just isn't worth the frustration. I have been part of many beta programs before, and this is definitely one of the worst experiences. Add price and system requirements, and I really don't see any reasons why I should bother upgrading my XP systems.