Windows XP Batch Image Conversion


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Where can i find the program that comes with windows XP? I did a google and came up with a feature that can batch convert but its only for Windows XP Plus package. Im using XP Pro
Thanx E. Right after i posted the message i found it. Here is the link that i got it from

I think its the same link as above but since i was about to post it when i saw you replied i figured id go ahead as post it anyways. Looks like some of the other stuff there is usefull also. Ill have to play with it when i get home.

Don't forget about Irfanview (might be spelled a touch diff). Very nice batch graphic conversion program.
Posting this here just in case someone here has had the same experience.

I downloaded the image Resizer Powertoy and it works great on my work PC. But last night when i downloaded it on my home PC it does not work. It adds the Resize Image to the right mouse click. When i right click on the image and select Resize Image it open up the dialog box and ask me for what size and other advaced options. But when i hit ok the dialog box goes away and nothing happens. No error or anything.

I uninstalled and reinstalled i also tried rebooting my PC and that didnt do the trick either.