Wire for phone or not?


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Wanted to get forums guidance on whether or not to wire my new elkm1 for POTs?  Plan on using internet as primary monitoring and was thinking would use pots failsafe.  My isp provides both.  The guy who sold it to me asked why bother.  My thinking is I might as well have wired correctly and be done with it.  The old brinks panel I replaced had been wired in for pots but when we replaced phone service with Comcast the wiring to the panel was incorrect.  
any one care to weigh in?


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If your POTS phone service is provided by the cable company, it isn't really POTS.  The cable modem provides a POTS interface to your house telephone wiring, but what gets sent out over the cable is really Voice over IP.  So if the cable or internet is down, so is your phone line.
One of the problems with VoIP boxes is that on the alarm panel side, it always looks like the phone line is ok.  The modem or VoIP converter always puts out 48V to the phone line, making it look like it is alive.   But the cable or internet can be down and the alarm panel will never know until it actually tries to make a call and times out.
A better combination would be internet plus a wireless cell phone communicator.


I just placed regular RJ-45 outlets all over the house...then decided in the demarcation panel if they were to be used for phone or network based on how I patched them (Leviton makes a really good kit for this, network drops plus two line phone demarcation board and F connector coax patch).
An RJ-11 jack works just fine with an RJ-45 outlet.


Here utilize my Ooma VOIP  (with an alarm setting) box and a Yeacomm LTE CPE with an RJ11 port.
Recently added a [SIZE=10pt]Polycom Obihai OBI202 2 Port VoIP Phone Adapter for use with my GV number.[/SIZE]
Not sure how the Polycom would work with the alarm panel.
The CPE is used as a failover for the XFinity ISP connection.  IE: get around 30Mbs up / down on CPE.  The up is faster than the XFinity uploading speeds.
Using the same Leviton phone demarcation board mentioned above for Voip lines and CPE line. 
Here is a close up picture.  Mine is around 15 years old now.  
The phone demarcation board goes up to 4 lines. 
Using 2 Panasonic DECT 2 Line wireless base here.  (one is corded and the other is wireless).  The new Panasonic multi line phones allow for Bluetooth pairing to cell phones (for more lines).