wire for smoke detector


I buy 2 smoke sensor with clean-me capacity ? this is compatible with the M1G (the keypad announce "clean smoke detector"),my question is:how I identified what cable i have to buy to wire a regular smoke d.? (my smoke is 2 wire)
pd:can I use cat5?
Use Fire Wire.

Remeber this could save your life buy the cable for smoke detectors. I bought this and 2 clean me enable sensors just recently. Everything got hooked up okay.

I bought 4 wire thinking I was going to get 4 wire detectors.

Worthington sells these.
Do NOT use cat5. In 99.95% of all jurisdictions, doing so would be a code violation. As BrianD mentions, you should use type FPL or FPLR (AKA Firewire). It is red, and specifically designed to prevent fire from shorting the wires prior to the alarm sounding. You should be able to get it at your favorite HA/alarm distributor, or at Home Depot/Lowes or an electrical supply house. Also, make sure that the smokes you purchase are compatible with the ELK system. It should be listed in the Elk installation manuel.
thanks!,yes I buy a compatible smoke detector, ESL 521 BXT ,also, this is a cleanme device,I ask ELK support and the M1G display a message when the smoke detector send a cleanme signal
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