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Hi All,

Another newb here learning too late that a lot of planning is involved in HA.

I want to have a camera on the porch, so I ran 3 lines from the porch to the homerun area. I ran a 2x18 line for power, RG-6 for video and a Cat5 line for video as well. I got that from this thread.

I'm not sure which camera I'm going to buy yet, which makes this a little tough, but I figured those wires should cover the basics. So is that enough ?

Also, what is difference between RG-6 and RG-59 ? I thought it was just the connectors that were different. Is the actual cable different ? I understand that I'll end up needing some converters in the future.

Hi, Scott. I'm only going to attempt an answer the RG6/RG59 question.

For baseband video, there really is no difference between RG6 and RG59.

RG6 has less loss at higher frequencies, near the upper cable TV channels.

The actual connectors are slightly different size on the wire end, so don't mix RG-59 with RG-6 and vise versa, but they are all coax connections and will both interface the same. The converters you are talking about might be from coax to RCA, or some type of balum.

The cable you ran is correct and should cover you on any type of camera you get. IP cameras will use the CAT5 and others the RG-6. The 18/2 will prove power for everything except Power over Ethernet devices.

You look to be in good shape, good luck!

Thank you for post. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding all of this correctly. Just gotta figure out a simple camera to put out there.

Thanks again,