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Wired Camera Flood Lights


Hey there. I've essentially got a new house, have about half the siding work to go. I've been putting up vinyl siding flush mount blocks and wiring locations for 120v motion detect flood lights. I'd like to use a floodlight that has a camera and speaker built in like the ring floodlight camera, but I don't like the idea of wireless for this application. Is there a wired ethernet model out there that anyone makes? all I've been able to find is wifi. 
I'd like something more generic that operates like a cctv and isn't connected to a pay per motnh cloud service, rather something that could connect to an nvr. The closest I've come is finding a couple versions that are onvif compliant which would take care of the protocol part, but their still wifi. 
While I'm at it, anyone know how much bandwidth these take up? I'm thinking I'll have 6 or more of these, maybe running 1080p, and don't want to bog down my wifi network if i was forced to use wifi. 


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Out of curiosity, any reason why you're looking for an all in one solution?  Couldn't you go with  LED floodlights and then have a separate camera at each one?  This allows for many camera options.
If you're looking for the lights to come on if motion is detected, that can be accomplished with some HA systems along with say Blue Iris.  I have Blue Iris and it is integrated with my HA system.  So if Blue Iris sees motion, it informs my HA system and my HA system can then do actions, say turn a light on and then turn it off after a predefined amount of time.
All the Ring does is bring that into a single unit but requires the cloud.  My system is self contained and the video stays on location.  I can have my HA system sent me an alert as well.


I did this "long math way" with a Optex combo camera (with PIR) wired to the security panel which triggered outdoor automated by UPB lamps.
Lots of wires though that went to the combo...IE: POE and 22/4 alarm cabling.  I did shut off the camera night illumination LEDs and opted for external on trigger illumination. 
Only ever saw at 3AM were coyotes and rabbits playing around the house...Due to WAF shut off the speech alarms at night and went to simple chimes...


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You generally don't want the camera and the light (regular or IR) together. 
The light will attract bugs at night.  Bugs are a huge nuisance for CCTV systems.  Especially ones that you want to reply on motion detection to keep you from having to review all of the recorded material.  Separating the light from the camera, even by just a few feet, will greatly help the effectiveness of the overall system.