Wired lighting choices?


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Wired lighting choices?

I consider my self a good internet researcher but I can’t seem to get the answers on this one.

I’m building next spring and have bought a ELK for security and some automation. On the lighting front I am trying to resist the urge to go X-10 but may go there because of cost.

I’d like to make an educated decision on Wired vs. PLC On the PLC and wireless I understand all the choices, cost and features.

But on the wired front I’m clueless ? What are my choices? Do they all need controllers? Which can talk to the ELK ? Cost?

Thanks !

Derek :)
For new construction hardwired lighting control, I would recommend Centralite LiteJet. Low cost, easy to program and interface with other systems, and 100% reliable.
IIRC, ELK has native support for the HAI/OnQ ALC wired lighting system. Centralite would have to be connected/programmed through one of the RS232 ports. It's 3:40 AM, so I might be forgetting something, but Centralite and ALC are about the only choices for wired systems for the DIY market. There are a couple of other systems out there, but they cost $$$$$$$$.

Wired Pros: Absolutely reliable and near instantaneous. Very programmable.
Wired Cons: Zero to no retrofit capability. Somewhat proprietary.

Centralite requires each load to be homerun. ALC is wired "normally", and runs a cat-3 (or better) to each load in daisy-chain fashion.

Which system is the best out of all the wired/wireless choices? I need a LOT more sleep and a large pizza before I'll even attempt that one. :)
I agree with jlehnert's pros and cons.

Lightolier MultiSet pro is also an excellant wired choice but it's not any cheaper than UPB - probably more.
Another thing to consider about a lighting control system that needs to have a home run for each switchleg pulled back to a lighting control panel is the added amount of wire that has to be installed. With the price of copper going up, and the added labor to install it, the cost of the project can move up real quick. The benefit is just having a keypad on the wall verses multiple switches, the finished install is much cleaner.

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