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I finally istalled a wired PIR in ZONE 8. I tokk 2 wires and hooked them to the power (it seems to be working fine as when I walk past the sensor the led turns on and if I stand really still it turns off.)

There are only 2 wires that come out fo the PIR other than the 2 for power. NC and C. I connected the NC to NEG of Z8 and the other to Z8.

I then wanted to arm zone8 to see what happens when i trigger it and it says "trouble zone 8 violated". I then went and checked the volatge for zone 8 and the volts are 0.00 meaning it is shorted. I also switched the Z8 wires and the same result.

What do I do? Is it power? How do I make this work.

Not real sure what all you mean but let me add this.

The motion detector takes four wires. Two for power and two to monitor the contacts for when motion is detected.

The power should be 12 volts DC. It sounds like you have this connected right as you see the LED.

I would then disconnect the NC and C from the ELK and measure the resistance (continuity check). Set a multimeter on resistance or "OHMS" (horseshoe symbol on the meter). Then walk in front of the motion sensor and see if this changes.

My "best guess" is you don't have an EOL resistor in place. Did you set the zone to disable the EOL resistor?

I'm not an Elk expert so I can't help you out much more than that.
Probably an easy fix!

The zone is factory defaulted as EOL or end of line resistor terminated. Reprogram the zone as normally closed hardware input zone using ELKRP or Installer Menu 05.

The zone status should then show up as Ready to Arm when the motion detector is not picking up any motion.

Easy as PIE!!!

During your install you will probably come across minor bumps in the road such as this. Dont let it get to you. The ELK panels are in some ways a lot easier to install for a newbie then most other mfgs. panels. The instruction manuals are well written and the RP software is so much easier than others out there( I read manuals like these for a living and some are so hard to follow).

You are also lucky since ELK had a link to this forum on their website. Since some of the members actually work at ELK you get very personel service so to speak.

I bet once you have installed a few more devices your confidence level will build and you will enjoy this DIY project. From the situation above you had installed it correctly and just missed the one field setting in the RP. Even the pro's do that occasionally.

Good luck with it and have fun!
Thanks a lot for responses. I did what Spanky suggested and it ran fine. WOW..how easy that was.

Let me try and hookup my RCS thermostast to it and see what questions I get there.

I am lost on the EOL...Will opena new thread one I get to connect RCS to ELK. I do have the serial board and am wondering whether I should do that or connect my powerlinc 2414s to get the lighting going....

Will keep you guys posted.

EOLR or End Of Line Resistors can be somewhat confusing until you learn the concept of how they work.

Basically, a zone in your security system goes to a door for example. The door switch is normally closed or when the door is closed the switch is closed. A properly wired EOLR is placed at the switch and in series with it. ie. the circuit goes from a terminal on the M1 to the switch. From the other switch connection to the EOLR resistor. From the other side of the EOLR to the other zone input terminal on the M1. You have now wired a burglar zone input with an end of line resistor.

When the door opens, the entire zone circuit opens and the M1 detects the circuit is open. Should something short across the wires between the EOLR and the M1, that will also be detected by the M1. In either case, an opening or shorting of the zone circuit will show up as Not Ready when the M1 is disarmed or cause an alarm when the M1 is armed.

If you are not worried about detecting if the zone circuit is shorted, do not install the EOLR and reprogram the zone with the Keypad or ELKRP as a normally closed circuit.

EOL Resistor can be a book in itself!!!

If you really want to scratch your head. EOLR Supervised zones can use two resistors: one for tamper and one for triggering the alarm. Example: Motion detector with a tamper switch, but another subject.
Ok...My wired PIR does not seem to be working in the sense that the speak does not work and also want to get a better understanding of the setup.

The motion sensor is wired to ZONE 8. The hardware seems to be working as when I walk past the motion sensor the LED turns on and when there is no motion it turns off. As per spanky's post I set it up as "normally closed" and it worked fine. The speak associated with it is "Basement sensor sctivated" Definition is 04 = Burglar interior. Now it does not say anything when I walk past it. I am sure that it is a config issue as all the other sonsors work fine.

This what I did. In ELK RP I went to the status and saw the PIR. It says "short and voltage 0.00" when I walked past it the voltage went to 13.7 and the staus changed to open.

The zone is ready to arm when it is short and 0.00 voltage and turns to not ready when it goes to open and voltage 13.7

So please advise on what is the best way to setup PIRs and what can I do better and also on how to make this work.

If I got your question correctly you want it to speak every time it is tripped (violated). You need to go into RP for that zone and checkoff the chime mode box. Then you need to press the Chime buton on your keypad (check the installation instructions for how many times to press the chime button on the keypad to hear the voice announcements).

I think that will do it.
i have done all that and it still does not say anything.....both in rp and the keypad. all other sensors are working fine and say what they are supposed to say,
Just curious...do ceiling fans affect the status of the motion sensors.

I want to setup my master bedroom fan to turn on and off based n the temp but also want to use the motion sensor for occupancy.

Has anyone had any experience with using PIR and ceiling fans.

noshali said:
Just curious...do ceiling fans affect the status of the motion sensors.
It works for me without any issues . . . my PIRs are pet immune . . . fans are centerd in the room and the PIR is in a corner. . .

your milage may vary . . .

Pete C