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I use a LinkSys router and a D-Link 2.4g Wireless access point to network and provide internet servce to my house. I also have a NetGear 2.4g wireless router that I picked up for free through a deal/rebate offer. In order to hide more, could I move my DSL Modem into my basement near my circuit box, plug it into my wireless router and then connect wirelessly to my other LinkSys router via the D-Link Wireless access point? Then I can move out 2 items located in my office that take up 2 electrical outlets (the modem and the WAP)

I assume that it won't really affect file transfer between my existing PC's on my network because they will still be connected via Cat5 on my LinkSys Router. I have 1.5Meg DSL - the connection between the Netgear wireless router and the LinkSys Router won't affect my internet speed, correct?

The WAP will be moved from the center of my house to the corner of my basement. My house is approximately 1000 sq ft.

I am gonna be snowed in today, so I figure I will start asking some questions about things I have been thinking about trying to do around the house. ;-)

Maybe I'll start another mini project. The nice thing about this one is I have all the parts, so I am only investing time and not money!

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If you are sure that no other device (such as a microwave) will interfere with the quality/speed of your link between the 2 routers, then you should be fine, probably not a bad idea at all.
Ugh. The spot in the basement is directly below my microwave. And it's one of those under cabinet monsters...