Wireless Access points and Routers....


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Can one use one wireless router and 2 access points in a single house???

Router is in the basement. Signal is very weak to make it to the top floor. Plan on putting an access point on the top floor and another on the other side of the house.

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You sure can put up the router and a couple of APs in the house. I actually have 2 routers going--one just is in "AP" mode as per the manual for it.

I've read good reviews on the netgear powerline AP system (google for: NETGEAR XE104 or NETGEAR WGXB102) but as always, do your own research--several companies make similar, competing products.

Couple things I'd ask though. Is any part of your system wired? Meaning (as mentioned in the previous post) any chance at moving that router to a different point in the house? (if it's cable or DSL, then nearly any outlet in the house should work)

Anyway to move the current router around in the basement? up high? closer to the stairs?

If you do consider picking up another router or 2 for your APs, check the manual closely as to setting it up for AP use as opposed to full on Wireless router use. Either way, you'll also have to do some admin work on it as the default settings will cause conflicts with the existing router. It's not too hard if you're comfy with IP addresses. I've found a picture will often work well to keep my head straight about what I'm trying to do--even for just a couple of units.

good luck!
Thanks....I am rethinking the way I have everything setup so wanted to know what my options were.

The only problem with having the router upstairs is that there is only one cat5 runnit to the top floor and don't want to waste the 4 ports on the router.

ok so now i have multiple wireless access points in thehouse.

is there a way to automatically switch between them based on the location? so if i am in the basement it should automatically connect to the access point in the basement ratherthan the one on the top floor.

a friend of mine recently was at the microsoft campus and the folks there were tauting this capability in vista. if you move beteen building the nework signal does not drop as it automatically picks up the access point in thebuilding you arein without any changes from the user.

i have 2 wireless routers in my house. i give both the same ssid and wep key (yeah i know wep is useless) but different channels. my devices will switch to whichever one is stronger as i move around the house w/ them.
My system was the same as Damage's for a few years, but the connection would always drop and reconnect when moving between APs. It just meant that any explorer windows that I had open would close.

Then someone on this board mentioned that you could have them on the same frequency, so I did that. They don't interfere with each other at all, as they can read each other's beacon, and share the channel.

It gives me less interference with other 2.4 GHz devices, but the connection still drops as I move from one AP to the other.