Wireless BT keyboard / mouse pad for tablet


Been looking for a combo like this with a small footprint for my HP Elitepad tablet running Windows 10 / Ubuntu 18.04,
I have two other BT keyboards that are OK but do not have the mouse pad on it.  I prefer to use that over the touch screen sometimes.
This one has little rubber pads on it so that you can keep it inside of the tablet folio.  Works well.  
It is listed on Ebay ==> Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless Ultra Thin w/ Touchpad for iOS Android Windows 
It is priced at $18.17 and delivery from China (2-3 weeks).
It is smaller than a standard keyboard but I can type on it fine.
Oh gawd, yet another random-ass placement of keycaps.  and that bottom row height, ugh.  Hard pass from me.
Works fine for me.  I just wanted something small with a touch pad that would fit in my Tablet folio.
Here is the other one that I purchased which is larger but has no touch pad.
For the KODI boxes use the Logitech wireless keypad and mouse which is nice.



Tried an air mouse with keypad...hate it and a PITA to use...for KODI.  Really do not every type much stuff on the KODI boxes anyhow.

yeah, I've got a bin full of wireless keyboard failures.  upside was having several of those logitech keyboards to use for my kid's virtual learning areas.  One for his school PC and then two for his music lesson setup.  
Yes here my son set up IPads with keyboards for his two boys relating to the virtual learning stuff...
then too a bit later next to these purchased a laptop for each of the boys (8 and 10) and separated the boys to opposite ends of the house.   
They preferred using the laptops with Windows 10 over the IPads.
Just a note that I am happy with the small BT wireless keyboard / mouse pad combo.
I only use the tablets when out of the house when I am sitting in vehicle or having to wait for any services and mostly they are used for reading only.
This is the same as I do with my cellular phones (5 SIMs - 4 for me and 1 for wife).  IE: the tablets and cell phones are off when at home.  I have configured the cell phones when off not to go to voice mail but rather a disconnected service message. Here I am not tethered to my cell phones.




Went to a very old fashioned restaurant earlier this week - steak house - built in the 1920's. Most of the customers were over 60...it is a tad expensive. I noticed that no one in the restaurant was on a tablet or cell phone and mostly enjoying conversation at the dinner tables. I liked that very much.
Once a week while wife is grocery shopping eat lunch in a restaurant (that is now open) and I use the combo keyboard / mouse pad there.   For a while though I was using my thinnest HP laptop with touchscreen which I still prefer over the tablet. I never have or wanted to use the built in touchscreens on my laptops.