Wireless Color InfraRed camera

I like that it uses 1.2 Ghz. I've got too much 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz stuff around already. Great catch, I might get one to replace my current front door cam.
The LUX shouldnt be an issue with the camera, as when it's dark, the IR lights will illuminate the area. Thus you could say the camera will work with absolute 0 lux.
If they want to claim 0 LUX, then they need to state the coverage area. Just a couple IR LEDS may give you a couple feet of coverage (good enough for a crib monitor), but with enough LEDs you can cover quite a distance. I have seen some that claim 60-100 feet of coverage, but haven't verified them.
Wayne is correct. I just bought and installed a 0 LUX BW camera with 8 LEDs and the total dark viewing range is about 6 feet. It takes a ton of LED's toget 30 feet let alone 60 to 100 feet. This camera is pretty good for a $29 dollar camera. I picked it up at Harbor Freight last week and mounted it today. You can have a look at
My comment about Lux ratings basically meant that if they don't mention the rating, then it is very likely that the unit has very poor light sensitivity. I wouldn't want to buy a camera that was in infrared mode 90% of the time, becuase the Lux rating was so low the camera only worked in color in broad daylight.

Hopefully someone with more money (or less of a skinflint) than me, will buy one and give us a report. It looks like a nice unit.