Wireless Door/Window sensor question


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I have never used the wireless door/window sensors in the past, and acdintelly ordered one from Autopmated Outlet. When I ordered it, I thougt it worked with standard x10 RF.

To my supprise, when it arrived, I now see that it is made for an X10 security system , and operates on a seperate "frequency".

What would I need for HS to see these devices, other than the X10 security panel. Would an CM19a work, and if so, how would you set it up?
The wg800 will receive the security codes. I did the same thing and ordered the window/door sensors (ds10A). Still stashing away the cash for the WG so wife doesn't notice :)
Do the DSA10's generate an X-10 signal when the door is "opened" or "closed" or both? Or does it generate an X-10 signal as long as it is say "opened" or its contacts disengaged.
Then send something whenever the status changes: open when the switch opens, closed when the switch closes.

They also send an "I am here" every so often so that the security system knows they are still active.
BraveSirRobbin said:
Do the DSA10's generate an X-10 signal when the door is "opened" or "closed" or both? Or does it generate an X-10 signal as long as it is say "opened" or its contacts disengaged.
The DS10A don't generate X-10 signals, they are only RF transmitters. The free W800RF plugin with HomeSeer CAN send an X-10 signal using your preferred X-10 interface. I don't want my DS10a flooding the powerline (even indirectly), so I have my plugin configured to NOT transmit anything automatically. Therefore the plugin makes the DS10A's appear as simple inputs, probably the same way that the Caddx inputs appear in HS. If I want the DS10A to generate X-10, then it is done under the control of a script.

Smee is right, the DS10A only transmit when their status changes, other than the occasional "ping".
Thanks guys! Looks like a pretty good device for $70 from Automated Outlet.

Will just have to add another serial port to the pc. So that will put the cost to around $120 or so with a USB --> Serial device.

Thanks for the help!
Do your self a favor and get a INSIDE OUT NETWORKS EDGEPORT/8 EDGEPORT 8 off ebay. They work great and you can buy in now for $43. That should give you plenty of comports for a while. I picked up one a few weeks back for $27. That are a bunch available on EBay currently.
I agree with Rupp as I purchased one of those units myself. I did have a problem with one piece of gear that I had to put on Com1 or 2, but all else worked great.
It does indeed replace the MR26A, so if he already has one, he is all set, just replace it.
nsisman said:
Wouldn't the wgl800 just replace the MR26 so John might not require the extra serial port ?
Yes, the W800 would replace the MR26A if there is one being used (and could use that serial port). There's no reason I know of to use both (unless you're playing with European and North American stuff at the same time and need to receive on 2 different frequencies).

But this assumes that an MR26A was being used. If he's using a plug-in transceiver to receive RF and convert it to powerline signals (picked up by a CM11A or similar), then he'd need another available serial port.
And that is just the case in my situation. I have a CM11 on my only serial port on this MB. I do have a USB device that I used to use with my laptop, that plugs in and offers 2 more usb ports, another serial and paralell port. I think I will just use that in the mean time.

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