Wireless Doorphone and Access Control Series Products



We are Shenzhen Welldone Technology and Industry Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wireless door phones and wireless access control systems in China. These products of our company have the functions of wireless intercom and remotely opening door. Communication range between Base and Handset is up to 100 meters (GP-MA40) and more than 300 meters (GP-MA600) in free range space. They are update substitutes for the traditional doorbells and access control systems. They are suitable used in offices, houses, villas, or tier buildings.

Product Features:
1. Full duplex audio between Call Station, Base and Handset. Overcome the limitation of the wireless doorbells and access control systems which can not talk.
2. Can answer the calling freely indoor. Release from the restriction of wire products.
3. Easy installation. Run cables indoor is not necessary. It will not break up your indoor ornaments.
4. System is fully expandable up to maximum of 4 Handsets and callers are transferable between Handsets.
5. Handsets can remotely open automated gates or electric locks. Solved the problem of the wireless doorbells and access control systems which can not open door remotely.
6. Prices are much cheaper then wireless video door phones. They have more potential markets and are suitable for more families and offices using.

These products of our company are patent products in China and have got CE certificate. Our products have exported to Europe and Africa. We are willing to make faithful cooperation and establish long-term business relationship with international trade companies, wholesaler, importer, or distributor.

These products must give your life and work much more convenience, safety and pleasure.

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