Wireless Infrared Day/Night Color Camera $44.95


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Looks like a great wireless cam for home security, and ya sure can't beat the price! I just ordered one for by the front door.

From the site:
This infrared camera is perfect for those in need of security at their home or business! Not only does it transmit a great color picture in normal light conditions, but at low or no light conditions, it automatically becomes an infrared camera.
Let us know how it works out. The only (lame) specification they had concerning the camera was:
1/3, 1/4-inch image sensor

It's anybody's guess what the heck that means.

Also, they didn't list a minimum lux spec.

But, for that price it seems like it is hard to go wrong. Plus, I'm sure you could use ANY camera with that receiver transmitter correct? Plus if you look closely at their pic of the product you will see it has a "video2 and audio2" connections! Interesting find!
I bought the 1.2g version of this camera that Geeks used to sell last year.

The day/night had problems and it would engage the IR lights in color mode and cause color distortions.

That has made me wary of this camera. It is a good deal, but I would one buy one and put up a review here incase this version has the same problems.

Also, they didn't list a minimum lux spec.

I would immagine that the Lux rating really need not apply. As with the IR assist, the camera will technically work in 0.0 Lux.

As for tedecting day/night mode, I guess I will see. I simply wanted this as a door monitor. When someone approaches the door at night, the porch lights come on automatically anyways, so the real reason I got it was simply a pretty good price on a wireless cam other than the [Uh Um] Wonderful X10 Cams ;)
There's no mention of the image sensor, so I bet that it's a CMOS. If this is the case, it likely won't have great night vision even with the IRs. Let us know what you find....